Click here to see a portfolio that includes some of the work I did in college. Please note that it only contains projects up to my graduation from Carnegie Mellon in January 2007, and will no longer be updated.

Selected Graduate Projects

Graduate Design Project  iRobot / Carnegie Mellon University 2006
Independent research and design project to study the current market, then identify and propose several new accessories for the iRobot PackBot, an unmanned ground vehicle for government and military applications. Focused mainly on solutions for explosive ordinance disposal.

DARPA Grand Challenge  Carnegie Mellon University 2006
Contributed mechanical and structural design skills to a team competing in the 2007 Urban Challenge, which involved the design of a vehicle capable of autonomously navigating a 60-mile course in an urban setting. The team ultimately won the competition and collected the $2 million award.

Advanced Mobile Robotic Development  Carnegie Mellon University 2006
Played a fundamental role in the NASA-funded Lunar Rover Initiative team, researching and developing a lunar rover to pioneer polar surface operations by descending into the Shackleton Crater and drilling for ice. Designed and built a functional prototype and completed testing in extreme terrain.

Micro / Nano Robotics Course  Carnegie Mellon University 2006
Studied the latest advances in and developed new micro and nano robots. Spearheaded the design of an unprecedented type of deformable spherical rolling robot.

Graduate-Level Integrated Product Development St. Luke’s Hospital / Lehigh University 2005
Developed a prototype for a mobile bedside entertainment / therapy unit for pediatric patients in hospitals for St. Luke’s Hospital and JACO Inc. Focused on market research, development, manufacturing, marketing / sales / distribution, and financial planning.

Selected Undergraduate Projects

Prize-Winning Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project  Lehigh University 2005
Independently designed and constructed a truck for the Micro-Truck Baja Competition held at the 2005 SAE World Congress in Detroit. Won prize for “Best Design” in the Unlimited Class. Applied mechatronics knowledge to build and program a small-scale truck to react to changes in an off-road track by incorporating a micro-controller and accelerometers for feedback.

Integrated Product Development  Ingersoll-Rand / Lehigh University 2004
Developed a more efficient electrical replacement to Ingersoll-Rand’s air-powered double-diaphragm pump. Also created a web portal for communication, file transfer, and scheduling within team of five students and our advisors. Analyzed the economic feasibility, formulated a production plan, built a functional prototype, and in the end strongly advised our sponsor not to enter this market.

Lehigh Formula SAE  Lehigh University 2001–2003
Designed and built a formula race car to compete in an intercollegiate competition held annually in Michigan. As a member of a spin-off team, investigated and created an unconventional new prototype vehicle using primarily composites and foam instead of steel.

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